About Us

The Digital Training Hub understands that while talent is universal, opportunity is not and this is evident in the Caribbean and Latin America. With access to flexible online learning and real life interaction, coupled with the latest tools, insights and curriculum students can have the ability to learn anything anywhere from one central platform. By offering a myriad of courses that are in-demand and marketable, along with using an approach to learning that aligns with each and every student, The Digital Training Hub is the avenue that will be the gateway to a better life through academic and vocational advancement.

At the Digital Training Hub, our focus will not just be for individuals but also groups and organizations. Constant upskilling and training is an expensive line item on a company’s budget. Our aim is to take the hassle and exorbitant expense out of these training exercises by providing your staff and personnel with the resources to learn on their terms and times. Our tools will provide companies, government agencies and non-profits with the ability to develop in-house courses to satisfy employees’ thirst for learning and knowledge.

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Happy Students Say

“ The Digital Training Hub offered an amazing experience. I got hands on learning and was able to practice everything I learnt immediately. ” Student Name John Leiba Past Student
“ Our tutor was so knowledgeable. I thought I knew everything about social media and digital but this course proved me wrong. It offers a great foundation to someone just starting out in Digital and can definitely enlighten a seasoned professional ” Student Name Kerry Sharpe Digital Marketing Professional

Why The Digital Training Hub Best?

Our aim is to provide an abundant resource of quality marketable programmes that will take you to the next level. If its in demand, we will develop it and provide the best tutors to deliver it to you online.

Learners at all levels can use The Digital Training Hub. If you’re a pro, log on and get a refreshers course. If you are a newbie, we’ll teach you skills from foundation to advanced.

If you have an internet connection and an interest in a skill, you can log on and learn. Anywhere, Anytime on your terms, that’s the mantra of The Digital Training Hub.